Visual Landscape Light, world's first hologram street light projecting 3D floating images.
Enhancing the aesthetic and identity of the urban landscape with its hologram projection technology.

Related Patent

Holographic street lighting device and its management system

Patent number : 10-142531

Business Feature
  • 1 Landmark Effect

    Presenting 3D hologram projection technology
    of the identity and feature of the city

  • 2 Aesthetic Streetlight

    Offering aesthetic urban atmosphere
    to reach and engage people

  • Specification and design are subject to change by the development plan.
    3 CCTV

    Enhance the security with CCTV system

Expected Effects
Advent of new technology
  • Draw public and media attention by introducing an innovative technology, hologram streetlight
Add value to business
  • Improving the property value by creating future-oriented environment
Building new revenue streams in advertisement
  • Customized hologram ads representing the identity of the city
  • Online integrated CMS, easy to update and transfer contents
Related Technology


  • Main CPU
    Quad core Cortex-A7mp
  • Auto Thermal Control
    Heating and Cooling
  • Memory(RAM)
    2GB DDR3
  • Power Consumption
    220V(Max 300W)
  • Storage
    8GB Flash
  • LED Lamp
    15W x 2ea
  • Communication Ethernet
    RJ-45, Wifi (2.4Ghz /5 Ghz)
  • Weight
    Housing 15Kg, Pole 30Kg, Total 45Kg
  • Supporting Video Files
  • Material
    ASA, inside-CR
  • Dimension
    Housing 1460x691mm, Pole 2540mm
  • Audio
    External Control 2.5W x 2ea
  • Control Solution
    Android SMS APK
  • CCTV Camera OPTION
    1/3”3 megapixel progressive scan CMOS


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