Hologram performance, a transformative stage platform combining projection mapping technology
with live performance like as K-pop concert, musical and animation.

Related Patent

Live performance and hologram performances apparatus capable of variable stage

Patent number : 10-1858248

Interaction system between contents and a performer, and a stage comprising the same

Patent number : 10-1937363

Business Feature
1 3 Layer Hologram Stage Mixed reality hologram performance stage

An immersive hologram stage of with full of impact. Polynet screen, side facade projection mapping, and multi-sided images of 3 layer are utilized techniques.

2 Floating Hologram Stage 100% Hologram performance stage

3D hologram technology present K-pop concert and animation on 45 degree stage projection system

Expected Effects
Creating virtual-reality experience without any additional devices
  • Capturing the audience's attention by transforming the stage into 3D floating projection mapping through the transparent hologram screen
    / Floating Hologram Stage
Scalable stage
  • Enhance immersive experience by projection mapping on the main and side screens / 3 Layer Hologram Stage
Related Technology
POLYNET hologram screen presents 3D floating images together with a background image.
Transparency and clarity
Hologram screen with high transparency and clarity
Providing optimal projection type according to the onsite condition
Front and rear projection
Creating hologram contents combined with projection technology and live performance


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