SKYNET is a next-generation media material that can implement hologram images that appear to be floating in the air with high transparency in outdoor.
SKYNET is made of strong material optimized for outdoor, and can be used semi-permanently because it does not deteriorate
by fire, radiant heat, electric spark fire, etc.

Product Feature
  • 1 More transparent outdoor

    Hologram screen with higher transparency outdoor to enable images to be seen as floating in the air, and does not get affected by side light

  • 2 High durability

    Media material more suitable for outdoor; made with stronger material than POLYNET, which is used for indoor performances

  • 3 Various functions

    Screen specifically designed for outdoor with various functions such as waterproof, fire resistance, and flame resistance.

Product Specification
SKYNET : 제품사양
Thickness 0.6mm Viewing Angle 170°
Width 1.3m Tensile strength 310(Wf)/650(Wp)
Maximum length 1roll(100M) Projection method Front Projection
Transmittance 50% Film Pattern Hexagon
Gain 2

* Width can be customized as required when requested.


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