Polynet is an indoor performance hologram screen made of flame resistant material.
This next-generation media material is designed with high transparency to realize clear images for dramatic displays,
and customizable front/back transmittance methods

Product Feature
  • 1 Transparent and clear

    Material with higher brightness and transparency
    compared to conventional screen

  • 2 High durability

    Next-generation media material for indoor performance,
    made of stronger material than regular mesh screens

  • 3 Light material

    Material that is lighter in weight than previous stage films
    that does not burden the ejector

Product Specification
POLYNET : 제품사양
Thickness 0.3㎜ Viewing Angle 180°
Width 2.5m Tensile strength 320(Wf)/350(Wp)
Maximum length 1roll(100m) Projection method Front/Back Projection
Transmittance 80% Film Pattern Quadrangle
Gain 2.5

* Width can be customized as required when requested.


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