HT GLASS is a hologram film used in moving elevators (ELLEO) that can be converted between transparent/opaque modes.
HT glass is a next-generation media hologram made with front media transmittance method that minimizes hazing and improves transparency,
providing clear and clean visibility from any angle compared to the previous PDLC.

Product Feature
  • 1 High reflexibility

    Film designed specifically for transmitting images
    with upgrades from the existing smart films

  • 2 Clear and clean views

    Clear view from any angle with minimized
    hazing and improved transparency

  • 3 Increased life span

    Durable material with high heat resistancy that does not
    deform nor deteriorate easily from heat

Product Specification
HT GLASS : 제품사양
Thickness 0.8mm Gain 2
Width 1,800mm Viewing Angle 180°
Maximum length 3M Surface Strength 2H
Transmittance 80% Projection method Front/Back Projection


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