HEXA FILM is a transparent film material that can be attached to a previously installed glass surface without requiring
a separate screen for media facade and hologram advertising. The Hexa film is the next generation media hologram material
that can capture eyes with colorful digital images with optimized clarity in images for high-rise buildings or long distances.

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Mesh Screen for Hologram

Patent number: 10-1582164

Product Feature
  • 1 Distant clarity

    Allows splendid video performance even on
    tall buildings with long-distance features

  • 2 Superior elasticity

    Flexiblly display even the ridges of the wall with design
    that does not affect the exterior of buildings.

  • 3 High tensile strength

    High tensile strength for durability that matches the building's
    life span, and greater economic savings over the long term

Product Specification
HEXA : 제품사양
Thickness 95㎛ Gain 2
Width 1,524㎜ Viewing Angle 150°
Maximum length 30M Surface Strength 3H
Transmittance (reflection rate) 75.7%(19.2%) Projection method Frontal Projection
Opacity 6.4% Film Pattern Hexa


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