DOT FILM is a transparent film material that is attached to existing installed glass surfaces without requiring a separate screen,
used for exhibitions, promotions and performances. The DOT FILM, which is used for close-distance interior space within the buildings or show window
by optimizing film transparency, is a next-generation media hologram material that gives an impression that the image is floating in the air.

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Mesh Screen for Hologram

Patent number: 10-1582164

Product Feature
  • 1 High transparency

    Optimized transparency for holographic images at close range

  • 2 Strong durability

    Strong durability with scratch-resistant material
    that does not get easily damaged

  • 3 Various functions

    Smart film with various functions such as insulation,
    noise cancellation, UV protection, and splash protection

Product Specification
DOT : 제품사양
Thickness 95㎛ Gain 2
Width 1,524㎜ Viewing Angle 150°
Maximum length 30M Surface Strength 3H
Transmittance (reflection rate) 60.8%(34.1%) Projection method Front/Back Projection
Opacity 6.4% Film Pattern Dot


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