Management Philosophy

We strive for excellence in our business and embrace responsibility and sustainability for making the world
a better place through our technology following the corporate values.

  • Customer Value

    We build customer life value and satisfaction providing our innovative technology and products.

  • Corporate Environmental Responsibility

    We pursue the reconciling corporate responsibility and profitability for the mutual growth of society.

  • Partnership

    We aim to build up a collaborative relationship with partners to improve customer loyalty.

  • Organization's Culture

    Creating a learning culture to develop leadership abilities and potential of the team.

Organization Chart

Create a performance-focused teamwork
and alignment across the organization

Research & Development

Hologram screen, a light weight mesh screen woven into threads

Patent number : 10-1914241

Interaction system between contents and a performer, and a stage comprising the same

Patent number : 10-1937363

A transparent mesh screen for using hologram

Patent number : 10-1582164

The advertising device for using to hologram

Patent number : 10-1419181

Holographic street lighting device and its management system

Patent number : 10-1423531

Live performance and hologram performances apparatus capable of variable stage

Patent number : 10-1858248

Three dimensional display device and method for providing contents using the same

Application number : 1020170123567

3D holographic device of using a multi-screen

Application number : 1020160096370

Movable display for vehicle and movable display vehicle comprising the same

Patent number : 10-1910878

Hybrid display apparatus for outdoor

Patent number : 10-1905106


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